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My clients are both men and women, usually from 30 upwards: people who are doing steps forward in their career, or that are already grown and need a style makeover or a shopping guide to face important meetings or clients; mothers who don't know what to wear anymore; people who are getting married (so brides to be / grooms to be) or that are invited to a wedding; people who have been through important (sometimes tough) changes, physical rather than personal or professional, and need to give a twist to their life; people who come to visit London and need a shopping guide; people who love shopping for clothes but don't know what really suit them; etc.. 

If you feel represented and you would like to ask my help please get in touch 


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Personal styling

*This services can be booked individually or as a whole "personal styling" package

Online Personal Styling

Wedding Personal Styling

Special Services


Empowered Coaching

A change in our look often comes after a change in our life.

That is why One of a Style thought to start a cooperation with Anastasia Antonova, founder of Empowered Coaching, to offer to their clients unique packages where lifestyle + style coaching come together in a unique solution that can really help you to reach your goals, find success and happiness, boost your motivation, increase your confidence, achieve long-lasting personal development. 

For all Its brides-to-be clients who are fancying a romantic wedding in the Italian peninsula, One of a Style has the pleasure to suggest these two excellent wedding planners, that can make all their romantic wishes come true : 

Secret Tuscany Weddings (www.secrettuscanyweddings.com) for real Tuscany dreamers; 

IWP collection (www.iwpcollection.com) for the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Venice and other Italian destinations.

If you need info or an introduction please don't hesitate to ask me. 

Veronika Damiani

If you are looking for an experienced make-up artist in town Veronika is what you need. With more than 30 years of experience she can provide and excellent service for every occasion. We often work side by side with clients, giving life to amazing look and style makeovers together!