personal stylist and personal shopper Stefania Bartolomei

Welcome! I am Stefania Bartolomei, Italian personal stylist, personal shopper, founder of One of a Style.  

I am fully qualified and happy to provide tailored services and packages for people who need help to empower their image and enhance their features and personality, to achieve personal and professional goals and fulfillment, or who want a professional help to find the best outfits for important occasions

...with a touch of Italian style that never hurts...


I work with both men and women, usually in their 30s and older. They are usually people in need of a style makeover for professional or personal achievements; mothers who don't know what to wear anymore; people who are getting married and looking for their perfect dress/suit; people who have been through important (sometimes tough) changes and need to give a twist to their life; people who come to London from abroad and need a shopping guidance; people who love shopping for clothes but don't know what really suits them or have little time for it; and many more.

If you feel represented and you would like to ask for my help, please


Personal Fashion Styling

The Personal Fashion Styling package is what you need if you are looking for a general style makeover, if you wish to understand what really suits you and need help creating new amazing outfits, with new or existing items! In order to do that I provide three different services:

These services can be booked individually or as a whole package, or you can also decide to mix and match only two of them! To find out more about every service please click on the pictures, or

Wedding Personal Styling

The Wedding Personal Styling is a real exclusive service in the UK panorama!

After seeing, through mine and others' experiences, how stressful and challenging the research of the wedding dress/suit can be, I started thinking of some solutions to make this step become more pleasant, easy, exciting and unforgettable (in a good way) to people who are getting married! I apply all my knowledge in terms of colours, shapes, styles and trends to guide my clients into their research, working alongside trustful suppliers, tailors and designers that can provide made to measure or even bespoke pieces. I also suggest jewellery, accessories, make-up, and hairstyle features to get a complete successful look.

For those who want to make the most of this service, I can arrange make-up and hairstyle trials with professionals that will work on the client following my styling tips.

To find out more please click on the pictures below

These services are bespoke, and so are the prices. On the services' pages you can find the starting prices, but the final fee will depend on client's needs and requirements, for which I will study and offer the best solution, giving detailed info in private. 

Online Personal Styling

The idea of an Online Personal Styling solution was conceived for long distance consultations, but with time it has also become a revelation for people who lead very busy lives, who wish to have a "mild" approach to a style makeover, or for someone looking for a cheaper alternative to a personal styling consultation. The Online Personal Styling service is available both for men and women.

Style Clinic

Style Clinic is an exclusive formula where personal styling and make-up are combined in a single session. I work alongside professional MUA and haristylsts to provide a real time look make-over, by operating with colours

This service is ideal both for individuals and small groups, for celebrations and special occasions like birthdays and hen parties! 

 Before After of a client after a Style Clinic session