Bridal Personal Styling

What is it? 

 Bride to be in a Zuhair Murad wedding dress after having a Bridal Personal Styling session with personal shopper Stefania Bartolomei

Bridal Personal Styling is a real exclusive service in the UK panorama!

It is born with the aim of helping brides to be to live a pleasant, exciting and unforgettable experience in the research of their wedding dress and to create their own signature bridal style.

I will blend my skills of personal stylist and personal shopper for a customized shopping plan, that will be based on your personality, body shape, colour features, preferences and budget. I will, indeed, make a selection of bridal designers/boutiques/brands that will meet your needs to the best.

 bride to be having a make-up trial during a Bridal Personal Styling session with personal stylist Stefania Bartolomei, One of a Style.

I will also provide shopping and stylist tips on jewellery, accessories, make-up, hairstyle for a complete perfect total look.

To make the most of this service I can even arrange make-up and hairstyle sessions with trusted professionals, that will work following my styling guidance.

Benefits of booking a Bridal Personal Styling service with me

 Personal Shopper and Stylist Stefania Bartolomei with a client during a Bridal Personal Styling session
  • stress free research of your wedding dress.

  • find the dress of your dreams in a very short time!

  • discover the best shapes and styles to suit you.

  • no appointment's booking fees.

  • possibility of having a bespoke dress.

  • no pressure to finalize your purchase. My aim is not to sell or make you buy anything, unless you are totally happy and satisfied with what you will be trying on. I will give you all my support and professional help being totally on your side.

  • complementary shopping and styling advice on accessories, make-up and hairstyle.

  • skip crowded fairs - at least for the wedding dress research :-)

The whole experience will turn out to be money, energy and time saving and you will love every minute of it !

I will be also happy to include in the service a secret Pinterest board to share my styling and shopping tips with you before, during and after the appointments.

How it works

The first step as usual is to know something about you and, in this case, also your wedding's style - venue, location, date...  every detail will make the difference to me. 

 personal shopper Stefania Bartolomei finding the perfect accessories to match with a client's wedding dress

To do that I usually send a brief questionnaire to be filled and sent back by e-mail but I am also happy to include a face to face meeting in front of a nice cup of coffee to know each other better and establish a real connection before the day of the appointment.

I will collect ideas and details then I will be back to you with some proposals; If you will be happy with my plan I will start booking appointments for you.

Once confirmed the shopping plan I will have an overview of the collections at every boutique chosen to make a pre-selection of styles prior our appointment. This will help skip the process the day of the session; nonetheless you will be absolutely free to have a look yourself and choose other styles to try on.

The day of the appointment you will try the samples on, with me at your side besides the boutiques' staff. The appointments booked by me will be free of any booking fee for you, with no time restriction.

After every appointment we can take extra time to talk about your experience and share comments and opinions. I will give you all my support and honest advice. 

To make the most of your Bridal Personal Styling experience I will be happy to provide also a colour consultation to reveal your general characteristics and so understand your best shades of white and metals. This will help enormously not only with the wedding dresses and accessories selection but also with your make-up choice (but can also be helpful for the choice of your bouquet flowers and other decoration details).

Upon request I can arrange a make-up + hairstyle session with trustful professionals; this way you will make the most of my personal styling tips. 

This service can be extended to the bridesmaids and mother of the bride/groom, as It is a very important occasion for them all as well; in case I will study a tailored formula for you and them. Or, why not to involve your husband to be, to get a perfectly coordinated marriage style?! 

*For you and your bridesmaids you might also be interested in having a style clinic session! have a look!

Location: Usually London, where I have most of the contacts in the wedding/bridal-wear industry, but I can move across UK and Italy upon request.

Please note that transfer within London zone 1-2 will be free of charge; out of that the transfer cost will be charged on top of the service.

Prices & Duration:

  • Half Day (up to 3 hours) - non fractional : £300

  • Full Day (up to 6 hours) - fractional: £500

If in need of additional appointments I will study a tailored package for you. We can make a plan together, starting with 1 or 2 appointments (suggested) than decide if proceeding with more. 

These prices are to be intended for individual sessions for the bride to be; they will be revised in case the service will be extended also to mothers,bridesmaids, groom.

Fees include: the questionnaire, a preliminary meeting, a secret board on Pinterest and my visit to boutiques with samples pre-selection prior the appointment.

Fees do not include: make-up+hairstyle session and the colour consultation. If you are interested in having them as well please contact me and ask for a quote.

Getting married? Check my availability today!

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Stefania might have some kind of secret super power to make people beautiful. She chose two wedding dresses for me to try on, and both were a perfect fit. I’ve literally never felt more beautiful. Stefania’s friendliness, professionalism, and attention to detail completed the experience. Thank you so much Stefania :)
— Laura Matala