Colour Analysis

What is it?

The Colour Analysis is a scientific method used to reveal the characteristics of people's natural features and thus to determine which are the best colours to enhance them. 

Colour drapes used for the colour analysis

Colour is, indeed, a very important styling tool, essential to get a successful image; it does has the power not only to affect your look, but also your mood, and once you discover your palette, you will also start shopping differently!

While the right colours can make your eyes shine, your skin looks flawless and confer a general healthy look, the wrong colours have the power to make you look unhealthy or even to prevail on your image, becoming the main characters (while you want people to remember you, not the colours you are wearing, don't you?). 

With a Colour Analysis you will also learn how to make the most of your best colours, receiving make-up, styling and shopping tips throughout the consultation.

How it works

colour analysis set for a session lead by personal stylist Stefania Bartolomei

Five things are essential to set a colour analysis: daylight, a mirror (big enough to see your half bust in it) a table and a chair for you and my colour drapes; which means that, as long as we have them, the consultation can be done everywhere!

At first I usually try to understand if your features are warm or cold. There is no better or worse, though they might sound more or less appealing to someone; it is just about reflecting and revealing your characteristics, following the so-called "4 seasons method" (if you wish to find out more please have a look at the power of colour).

Stylist Stefania Bartolomei during a colour analysis session 

Once determined, we will proceed, drapes by drapes, shade after shade, to discover all the characteristics of your features, and of your colours: bright vs muted, deep vs light, and so on.. eventually creating your personal palette! 

Throughout the session you will also be given styling and shopping tips to learn how to make the most of your best colours.

I've also studied an exclusive upgraded formula where the colour analysis is combined with make-up to provide a practical demonstration of how to make the most of your colours, ending up with a real time look make-over. To find out more please have a look at style clinic

Duration: around 1 hour each person (subjective and variable).

Location: client's place - whether it is their house or office - the important thing is to get a good spot of day light and space for a table mirror.

Price£100 for an individual session. The price will be revised in case of:

  • a small group session (max 4 people);
  • the Colour Analysis will be booked with other services, as part of a Personal Styling package.

Please note that transfer within London zone 1-2 are included in the fee; beyond the cost of the travel will be charged on top of the service's price.

For info or bookings please

Dear Stefania I had a great time and it was a real eye opener to have my colour analysis done. Thanks you for showing me the light! It will definitely inform my next shopping trip. It will encourage me to move away from the usual black, grey and navy!
— Tessa Read