What is it?

Personal Shopper and Stylist Stefania preparing the set for an Editorials session together with photographer Ranjit Kular

Imagine the set of a photo shooting for a fashion magazine and what's behind the scenes: lights, photographers, stylists, make-up artists and hairstylists! 

All of this can now happen at the comfort of your place, with you as a model!

Before becoming personal shopper and personal stylist, I've been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years; during this experience I've had the chance to work also behind the scenes of catwalks and photo shootings; editorials has so born with the idea of combining my fashion styling and personal styling skills, in order to offer something particular and different to a private clientele. 

Personal Shopper and Stylist Stefania Bartolomei chatting with a group of friends before their Editorials session

The idea is to set up a real photo shooting at the comfort of your place, involving a whole team of professionals, that will work on your look, making you feel like a real celebrity.

Editorials is ideal for small groups (max of 4/5 people preferably) for celebrating special occasions, like hen parties and birthdays, to live a fun experience with your friends that will stay impressed in your memories for ever; but it can be set up also for individuals, someone very important you wants to make a special and memorable gift to. 

How it works 

Personal shopper and stylist Stefania Bartolomei creating some outfits from clients' existing wardrobes

As first step I will come to your place (preferably before the day of the service) and We will have together an overview of your wardrobe, picking your favorite pieces and combining them to create the outfits for the photo shooting. Every outfit will be complete of clothes, accessories, jewellery and everything you would like to wear and show.

As personal stylist and personal shopper I won't just pick the "best dress", but the "best dress for you"..there's a huge difference. In a few words, it will be an occasion for your to find out what works better for you, in terms of colours and shapes :-)

personal shopper and stylist Stefania Bartolomei creating the best combination for a client and her Editorials' session

In case of a themed shooting we can decide together if and what new items to buy and I can give you some shopping advice. 

The first meeting is also very important to me to know something about my clients' personality and preferences, in order to deliver the best service and make them feel very comfortable during the session.

If you want to share the experience with some friends, they too will be asked to take their favorite pieces with them the day our first appointments, for the selection and the outfits creation. The number of the outfits each person will depend mostly on the number of participants. 

It is possible that during our first appointment the photographer will come along to have an overview of the spaces and start thinking about the set.

As second step, the day of the session, professional make-up artists and hairstylists will start taking care of your look, while the photographer will start working on the scene setting lights, cameras and all the necessary. 

My role, apart from creating the outfits, will be to assist you during the preparation, giving my final touches before and throughout the shooting; I will also have the responsibility to guide make-up artists and hairstylists into the details of your look makeover, giving directions on styles and colours.

Once ready, with your outfits on and your make-up done, just the time to try the lights and then the real fun will begin! A proper photo shooting will start where you will be the absolute protagonist. 

Here below some final shots taken during Editorials' sessions.

Location: your place.

Please, note that transfer within London zone 1-2 will be free of charge; an additional cost will be charged for transfer outside London zone 1 and 2.

Duration: the exact duration is mostly determined by the numbers of participants; The average total duration of the service is around 3 to 4 hours max.

Prices: the price is variable and subjective, depending on several factors - number of participants, professionals involved, your budget, location. Once collected all the info from your side I will be able to study the best solution and get back to you with one or more options. Just to give you an idea, a starting price for an Editorials session is around £600, for a group session.

I will be happy to include into the price our first preliminary meeting (where I will come to your place to decide to outfits). 

If you are intrigued and would like to discuss it thoroughly or to request a quote , please  

I met Stefania at a jewellery photo shooting day. She was enthusiastic, full of energy with beautiful smile and obviously stylish herself :-) She perfectly paired pieces of jewellery that I liked with the outfits, matching make-up. We have had a fabulous day, thank you.