Personal Fashion Styling

 Fashion changes, style endures
— Coco Chanel

Through one or more personal styling sessions I will help you develop your personal style and learn how to enhance your features.

Despite being always up-to-date on current trends and main brands' collections, my consultations are based on client's personality, lifestyle, body shape and features rather than on the latest fashion trends, and my styling tools are colours, cuts and shapes. Every session is absolutely tailored, studied to meet client's needs and requirements.

The personal styling package can be requested for a general restyling, for business, for special occasions and major events like weddings, parties, celebrations, and so on...

A whole Personal Fashion Styling package includes:

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The colour analysis is the way to discover what are the colours that work on you, through the scientific method of the "4 seasons". During the session your colour characteristics will be revealed and we will build your personal palette of best colours! You will also find out how to make the most of them.

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Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear? Would you like to have a well organised wardrobe, with more outfit choices and, in the meantime, to discover the best cuts and shapes for you? All of this is possible through a wardrobe detox session.

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Through a personal shopping session I will help you understand how to shop just for you, planning a shopping tour that will meet your requirements, personality, features and budget, whether it is for your everyday life or for a special occasion.

I offer the chance to book these services as a whole package or individually, as well as to mixed and match them, depending on the clients' needs. 

How it works:

The starting point of every Personal Styling experience is to know the client; to do that I am happy to arrange a coffee, a Skype call or to chat by e-mail, depending on what is more convenient for the client. Prior to any session I usually send a brief questionnaire by mail to have a detailed client's profile that will allow me to study the best solution and proposal for their session.

Location: to be decided with the client. I work in London as well as outside and abroad (especially Italy). 

Price:  the cost of a whole Personal Styling package is £700 , it includes all the 3 services above (colour analysis/wardrobe detox/personal shopping) and can be organised in 2 or 3 appointments.  

Please note that transfer within London zone 1-2 are included in the fee; out of that the cost of the travel will be charged on top of the service's price.

To see the price of every specific service - if booked individually - please open their own pages; while if you wish to mix two of them the price will be customized. 

To book an appointment or request a quote, please