What is Style Clinic?

Style Clinic is an exclusive styling session where personal styling and make-up are combined to revamp clients' look by operating with colours.

Colour drapes used for the Colour Analysis

One of my personal styling services, and one of the most successful, is the colour analysis (find out more at colour analysis); as a result people discover what are the colours that work best for them and at the end of every session I love give a full spectrum of the potential use of their best colours, from make-up to shopping choices; yet most of the time I reckon words are not enough and people would love to have a practical demonstration.

That is how the idea of Style Clinic has born : to offer my clients a practical demonstration on how to make the most of their best colours through a most structured session that combines colour analysis with make-up.

during a colour analysis with a bride to be, to find out her best shade of white, metals and colours to complement her total look,

Style Clinic has turned out to be ideal for individuals as well as small groups (we suggest max 5 persons) as an original way to celebrate special occasions, like hen parties and birthdays!

For Brides and bridesmaids in particular Style Clinic can be the perfect and ultimately time and money saving starting point to plan their look and colour scheme for the Big Day: from the perfect shade of white for the wedding dress, great advice on make-up and hairstyle, to the best colour to suit the bridesmaids.

How it works

As firt step I will set up a professional colour analysis, to individuate your own palette of best colours

After that a professional make-up artist pick up some of your best colours to realize a personalized make-up, showing you how to use your best colours and make them really work on you. 

Having a Style Clinic session before a date or a major event will also give you the chance to get a professional and perfect make-up for the occasion!

Before/After of a client who had a Style Clinic session

Location: Usually we are requested, and happy, to go to clients' place, but sometimes the sessions can be hosted somewhere else. Please, note that transfer within London zone 1-2 will be free of charge; an additional cost will be charged for transfer outside London zone 1 and 2.

Duration: the basic service (colour analysis+make over) takes around 1:30 hour per person, but it is subjective and variable. The whole duration of the service will depend on the number of participants.

Price: the price is variable and subjective, depending on several factors - the location, the number of participants, the professional involved, your budget. Once got all the details for you, I will take care to study the best solutions and options. A starting price for an individual session is around £250. On groups sessions the price per person will reduce.

To book an appointment, ask for more information or request a quote, please

I recently had a Style Clinic session with friends and it far exceeded my expectations. I was really eager to hear which were my best colours as you have an idea but you never really know which colours suit you. Stefania came up with a good selection of colours and my make up was then carried out to perfection by Veronika Damiani. This was a really fun way to spend a day with some girlfriends and I would highly recommend.
— Anika Birchall