Why have it?

I do understand that life in the City can be hectic and not everyone has time to go through a complete personal styling package. With this formula I want to help everyone who wish to change their style, but lives in a tight schedule and with a very limited me-time, or simply does prefer to have a general analysis and tips with an overhaul consultation on their look.

I’m a highly qualified personal stylist and, most importantly, I love my job, so I can ensure a high quality services with information that will give you access to your style makeover.

How it works

The whole session will last approx 1 hour and it will cover:

  • your general colouring. rather than building your palette through a colour analysis, I’ll give you general indications on your season and best colours.

  • your face shape analysis. Revealing your face shape will help you identify the best haircuts and accessories features (like glasses and hats) for you.

  • your body shape analysis. Find out what your body shape is and the golden rules to enhance it, through clothes and accessories.

  • your personal style. You can change your look, as long as you feel confident with what you wear. So understanding your preferences, personality and lifestyle will help create your personal style. Do do that, I’ll send you a questionnaire via e-mail prior the appointment.

After the meeting, I’ll create a secred Pinterest Board sharing a full report, styling tips and outfit inspiration, that will cover from make-up to accessories and clothes.

I’ll work one-to-one with you, ensuring to meet your expectations and making you feel absolutely confident and at ease!

Possible extras: a thorough colour analysis.

Location: usually central London, but I can move across the UK and abroad (especially Italy) upon request.

Please note that transfer within London zones 1-2 will be free of charge; beyond that the transfer costs will be charged on top of the service.

Price £250

  • Wish to make it as a gift for your beloved one? gift vouchers are available.