Motherhood is an exciting journey, but it also brings significant changes into a woman’s life! I am a mother myself and I know it well.

From the early stages of pregnancy, a woman’s body experiences big transformations, so does her lifestyle! At first, it is difficult to find nice and comfy pregnancy clothes, but what if we need to keep on dressing up for work? (Many women stop working, indeed, at the 8th or even 9th month of their pregnancy). Then, after giving birth our body takes time to get back to what it is (if it ever does!), but then the time arrives when a mother needs to get back to reality and to work! What if her old clothes are not fitting anymore? Or if her body shape has changed and she cannot see herself in those clothes anymore? And also, since the last time she wore her work suit or silk shirts, 2 years have passed and maybe they just look a bit old fashioned.

As your personal stylist and personal shopper, I can help you feel good again, giving you access to new ways to dress in order to like and enhance your new you, feeling beautiful, feminine and ready to get back to work again!

How it works :

We’ll start with a chat about you, that will allow me to create a personalised package based on your lifestyle, features and budget. We could start analysing your existing wardrobe, creating capsules for work, free time etc.. depending on your most urgent needs! I’ll then be able to identify shops, brands and specific items for you and we could plan a personal shopping session! And if you can’t leave the baby as you’re feeding, then they will also be most welcome!! (as I said, I am a mother myself and I’ve conducted personal shopping sessions with my baby, when I was breastfeeding :-)

I’ll ensure you’ll live an unforgettable experience, that will make you feel cuddled and confident; I’ll work one-on-one with you, ensuring to meet your expectations and making you feel confident and in love with your new-you!

Included in the service is a a secret Pinterest board with styling inspirations and shopping tips.

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Stefania, I just wanted to Thank You Sincerely for helping me be as beautiful as I am. What you do is not simply shopping, style advice etc. but you help people bring out the best in themselves and promote self-confidence