Believe it or not, sometimes a style makeover is just what we need to give a twist to our lives! Especially if we’ve been through deep personal experiences like a divorce, serious illness, significant body changes or personal losses, or simply if we are single in search of that one true love!

As your personal stylist, I can help you get the confidence boost that you need and deserve, making you discover new ways to express your personality, enhance your body shape and colouring, creating your signature style. My aim is not to change you, but to make you flourish and help you reach your personal goals.

How it works :

We’ll start with a chat about you, that’ll allow me to create a personalised package based on your lifestyle, features and budget. We could start analysing your colouring and your existing wardrobe, that’ll allow me to understand more of who you are and how to enhance your features to the best! I’ll be then able to identify shops, brands and specific items for you and we could plan a personal shopping session! I can also give advice on hairstyles and make-up completely bespoke to you.

I’ll work one-on-one with you, ensuring to meet your expectations and making you feel confident and in love with your new-you!

Included in the service is a secret Pinterest board with styling inspirations and shopping tips.

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Stefania is very talented, professional, with a great sense of style and perceptive. I left her sessions feeling empowered, renewed and inspired.