Personal Shopping

Why have it?

A Personal Shopping session is a really unique experience! It's a way to find what you need without any effort and in the shortest time possible, through a guided tour in the most iconic streets of shopping!

This might be the ideal service if you are in need of one or more new outfits for specific occasions (weddings, major events, parties, birthdays,...); or if you come to London from abroad and you want to enjoy your time as much as possible, discovering new shops and brands; if you need to find new pieces to complete your existing outfits - maybe after having a wardrobe detox - or again if you wish to learn what really suit you and to start shop more efficiently, buying less but higher quality.

What are the advantages of having me as your Personal Shopper?  

I am a highly qualified personal shopper and stylist and, most importantly, I love my job and seeing people feeling happy and satisfied after a session with me is my greatest satisfaction. Thanks to my strong background in fashion I can give precious tips not only in terms of style but also about quality of materials and garments' workmanship. Last, but for many not least, I am Italian :-)

For your Personal Shopping session I will be happy to 

  • identify brands and stores that most suit your personality, body shape, lifestyle and budget.

  • research and find what you need, making you live a pleasant and effortless experience.

  • help building your confidence to shop for yourself, sharing valuable styling tips about what works for you and what to avoid.

  • help you recognize valuable pieces vs poor ones (and trust me, not always expensive = good quality).

  • If circumstances allow it, I might book a VIP room for your shopping experience at the stores that we will be visiting.

 VIP room at Max Mara, Bond Street, London, for a personal shopping session with personal shopper and stylist Stefania Bartolomei

Besides, when client is happy with it, I like sharing my styling and shopping tips with them through a secret Pinterest board. I find it a very good way to share ideas and information.

How it works

 Personal shopper and stylist Stefania Bartolomei at a VIP room in Max Mara store - Bond Street - London

The first step as usual is to know something about your personality, your lifestyle and needs. To do that I usually send a brief questionnaire to be filled and sent back by e-mail. This allows me to understand the real needs of a client and to study a personalized shopping plan for them, following their preferences but also trying to offer something new.

The day of the appointment I like starting in front of a nice cup of coffee to collect ideas and plans and gain a bit of extra energy before the shopping tour begins (we might need it).

My ideas and plans are always shared before the appointment and I am very flexible and ready to change details accordingly your preferences. 

Please note that if a bespoke or made-to-measure piece is requested, I tend to work with trustful supplier, to be able to provide a high standard service. 

Location: usually central London, but I can move across UK and abroad (especially Italy) upon request.

Please note that transfer within London zone 1-2 will be free of charge; beyond that the transfer cost will be charged on top of the service.

Prices & Duration:

  • Half Day (up to 3 hours) - non fractional : £300

  • Full Day (up to 6 hours) - fractional: £500

Prices will be reduced in case the Personal Shopping session is booked with other services as part of a Personal Styling package. Check out my other services!

For more info or bookings, please 

This personal shopping session was a most enjoyable and deeply personal experience for someone who finds clothes shopping a maze of choice and confusion. And this is solely due to Stefania’s honesty, genuine kindness, discretion, patience and thoughtfulness. She truly helped me find a special outfit which I would not have been able to source myself. I am so happy with it, especially when everyone has told me “it’s so you”. She really is a gem with a huge understanding of fashion, something I had never really appreciated until now. She has an undeniable talent! Thank you!
— Wendelien McNicoll