Wardrobe Edit

is the ideal service if:

  • Your wardrobe is full of clothes but you've got nothing to wear.

  • You really have nothing to wear.

  • You wish to know which styles suit you best.

  • You want to create effective wardrobe essentials and capsules.

  • Every morning you spend ages in front of your closet without knowing what to wear

  • You feel like your wardrobe and style might need a refreshment.

  • You need help to organise your closet.

 Personal Shopper and Stylist Stefania Bartolomei with a client durin a wardrobe detox session

It is possible to find the solution to all those problems in just one day through a wardrobe detox session!

Thanks to my professional help and guidance you will learn which styles suit your body shape, which essential staple items to have in your wardrobe and how to create your personal signature style! Moreover, as a personal shopper, throughout the session I will give you precious shopping tips to complement your existing outfits.

How it works:

The first step as usual is to know something about your personality, your lifestyle your needs and so understand how to help you the most.

 Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper Stefania Bartolomei during a wardrobe detox session

The day of the appointment I will have an overview of your wardrobe, piece by piece, hanging them on my clothes rail and asking you questions like 'which ones you wear most?' and 'which ones less?', 'when did you last wear this item?' and so on.. 

For most of the pieces I will ask you to wear them to see how they fit. 

In the process I will keep in great consideration your feelings about every piece but I will give you my honest (sometimes ruthless) opinion on what you should consider to keep, to alter or get rid of. 

I will suggest new outfits and combinations and how to complete them with accessories and jewellery.

*extra tip*having a colour analysis before a wardrobe edit could be the chance to check which of your existing items are the best to enhance your features, not only in terms of shape but also in terms of colours!

 Personal shopper and stylist Stefania Bartolomei during a consultation, helping the client to organize her wardrobe

During the consultation I can also suggest a different organization of the spaces in your closet, in order to get a tidy and functional wardrobe where it will be easier to store and retrieve things. I will also be able to give you 'care & maintenance' advice when possible.

As a final step, at the end of the consultation I will write down a shopping list with my tips on what to buy as new to complement your existing outfits.

The next step might be even a personal shopping session.

Prices & Duration:

  • Basic (only clothes - up to 3 hours - non fractional) : £300

  • Thorough (clothes/underwear/shoes - up to 6 hours - fractional): £500

Prices will be reduced in case the Wardrobe Edit session is booked with other services as part of a Personal Styling package. Check out my other services!

Location: client's place. I am based in London but I can travel across UK.

Please note that transfer within London zone 1-2 are included in the fee; beyond that the cost of the travel will be charged on top of the service's price.

For additional info or bookings please

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Stefania came to visit me for a wardrobe detox. The whole experience from start to finish was conducted in a professional manner yet at the same time I had found Stefania personality warm and open. It was a liberating experience which may I add is a fabulous deal don’t think you can get better for the hours she had put in. Thank you Stefania, I am now equipped to shine in 2017.
— Sheron Brown