I love blazers, I think they can upgrade any outfit, yet many of my clients feel wary of using them in their wardrobe as they feel they are only to be worn in a more formal situation. Now, what if I told you, you could use your blazer in a host of different ways? Would this perhaps change your mind on whether or not to invest in this (in my opinion) staple item for any woman’s wardrobe?

Challenge accepted!

Let’s take these beautiful blazers from MIA GIACCA , who specialise in designing unique and usable jackets, bringing a more contemporary feel to the traditional tweed material.  


Starting with formal-wear, you can bring a jacket to any meeting or work office environment, and bring a little colour to your outfit, whilst maintaining a formal and classic look. A blazer or jacket is a great piece to show-off your fashion personality, and can come in a host of different styles, including coloured or patterned lining, or even this beautiful blue-tone. With the example above, you can see how the accessories pull together the black from the jacket, keeping a more demure and elegant style.


By simply changing into jeans and a tee, your outfit can be cool and casual, yet chic thanks to the blazer, and is an excellent outfit option for going to brunch with friends, or even lunch with the in-laws. As you will see with the outfit above, the accessories pull on the more playful blue accents in the jacket, keeping the outfit styling more trendy and fresh. If you are looking for a casual blazer with a more delicate material, try a colourful linen jacket, which is an excellent addition for a spring wardrobe, and using the colour idea for accessories when making the outfit more casual.


You can also opt for the co-ord trend, which is incredibly fashionable right now, by matching blazer to skirt (or trousers) and make a truly pulled together piece. Adding a silk blouse is a truly elegant and classic option, or you could opt for a block of colour with a cooler shirt which could work for the warmer days. Top your outfit off with a beautiful heel and you are ready for work!


You can then add a little (or bold!) splash of colour and choose a stunning midi-skirt, like the one below, which is in PVC – I love this bold look, paired with a colour co-ordination of skirt to suede boot, which is incredibly fashionable and ready for a more casual evening or afternoon look. Now, I would even say this could work in a more casual office environment too, but that is down to you to make the final decision.

As you may be able to see, a blazer is a staple for your work and play wardrobe, and with a few accessories changes you can truly transform your look! If you are unsure on how to dip your toe into the blazer world, or any other outfit item, I’d love to hear from you!