The final confirmation email will be our contract. It will be your responsibility to check the content of the email and the receipt of your confirmation will determine your agreement with services, dates and fee quotes.

On making a booking and putting a session date on the agenda you will be asked to pay a deposit (the sum will depend on the total amount of the service booked); the deposit is non-refundable. Dates are not secure until this payment is received. 

For the balance I will send you the invoice after the appointment and the payment is requested within 48 h from the invoice issue.

The online personal styling service is the only one that requests the total payment in advance, via bank transfer; the service won't be carried out till the confirmation of the payment is received.


Cancellations are possible but the deposit won't be refunded. 

Rescheduling an appointment is possible and free up to 48 hours before the date. The whole amount of the service will be charged if the appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours before the appointment.


Any client's picture, private information and document will be private and confidential; all the personal material will be used for the agreed purpose and service only and I won't share them with any third party, if not allowed by the client itself.

Pictures are published on this website under clients' permission.

All the reviews are genuine and reported from Facebook, Google or other medias.


During the personal styling and shopping sessions the client is responsible for any personal belonging.

I won't be responsible for any lost property.

I won't be responsible for client's change of mind, for goods defects or quality problem once the purchase is done. Anyway any kind of feedback on the goods' purchased will be very welcome. 

I am here to help. If you need any clarification, please