I wanted to revamp my work wardrobe and move away from what i’d previously been wearing. Stefania totally “got” the style I was after and as well as being super enthusiastic and injecting fun and humour into the shopping experience, was great at picking out things that I wouldn’t have done and that I love. Not to mention repurposing things hiding in my wardrobe and putting them together in different outfits. I highly recommend you work with her :)
— N Swan

I highly recommend Stefania’s colour analysis to anyone who would like to look the best version of themselves (and who doesn’t!). I did the full colour analysis including makeup, and it was such a treat. Stefania was super friendly, professional, patient, and clearly incredibly talented with a wealth of experience. I left with so much knowledge about which colours suit me best, and with so many great tips on how to also apply this knowledge in practice. No more shopping of clothes or makeup that I end up not using because the colours were not right. I now know exactly what to go for, and it has already made my shopping so much easier. Thank you for the lovely experience, Stefania!
— Camilla O. Pedersen

Stefania is so lovely and she made shopping an absolute pleasure.

I now know which colours and styles I should wear and have some wonderful new items. I have had so many compliments on the new outfits which Stefania picked out for me. Gone are the days when I open my wardrobe and don’t want to wear anything in there.
I would recommend the whole process to anyone, it’s such a great confidence boost and Stefania makes it so easy.
— Angela J.

If I could give 6 stars to One of a Style, I would. I had a full package of colour analysis, wardrobe edit and personal shopping with Stefania and it was an amazing experience on many levels. I learnt loads of useful things about how to use colours, which are the right ones for me and I didn’t just learn it, I had a chance to compare, ask questions and truly understand the how’s and why’s of colour theory. I improved my knowledge of how to dress to highlight my strong points, not fit into fashion and trends. I also had a chance to spend time with caring and fun professional who made it all feel like an outstanding experience. Stefania knows what she does very well, but she also makes sure you feel comfortable with all the new things you learn, especially about the way you dress. It’s a life long investment that now saves me loads of money on not buying useless clothes that never get to be worn anymore and evokes plenty of compliments about how I look. Massive thank you to Stefania! Absolutely recommend her services without a hint of hesitation.
— Eugenia Z

A session with Stefania is like a safe journey towards balance and harmony. She knows how to create harmony in everyone, she can make a flaw becomes like part of a portrait, beautifully painted just for you, with your colours and your shapes! She knows how to tidy up your chaos, inside out (and, of course, your wardrobe!). Thank you Stefania.
— Olivia F

Stefania is a positive and brilliant woman, full of enthusiasm for her work for which she nurtures a genuine passion. Always impeccable in look and never out of place, she has a natural capacity, at a glance, to analize the type of person you are and suggest you the essential fashion elements needed to put in evidence your strengths, but always being yourself.
— Viktorija M.

This personal shopping session was a most enjoyable and deeply personal experience for someone who finds clothes shopping a maze of choice and confusion. And this is solely due to Stefania’s honesty, genuine kindness, discretion, patience and thoughtfulness. She truly helped me find a special outfit which I would not have been able to source myself. I am so happy with it, especially when everyone has told me “it’s so you”. She really is a gem with a huge understanding of fashion, something I had never really appreciated until now. She has an undeniable talent! Thank you!
— W. McNicoll

It was a wonderful experience getting a wardrobe edit from Stefania. I had fun, learned an incredible lot and have been continuing to use her advice every single day since, both while getting dressed and while shopping.
You know how you always have items in your closet which you know don’t flatter you, but you can never figure out why? Stefania picked them out instantly and told me why.
But more importantly, she also picked out many items that I was wearing every day without thinking too much about how they looked on me. It’s a bit shocking to see them hanging alongside that first group. But then, we started to try them on, and Stefania explained why they didn’t work. It was incredibly eye opening.
A wardrobe edit is tough work, but Stefania did it with such grace and warmth, I felt totally comfortable. And it was a lot of fun. I ended up with a range of clothes I could really count on, and have since built up on it using her very useful advice. I couldn’t recommend Stefania more, and I’m really looking forward to seeking her advice again soon on newer items and going shopping together.
— O. Christie Miller

Stefania helped me with a colour analysis and wardrobe edit. She is very patient and makes sure her suggestions fit with your lifestyle and personal tastes, while at the same time, she encouraged me to branch out a bit and try something different (rather than stay stuck in the same old clothing/colour rut!)
She suggested some styles of dress that fit my shape better and also recommended that I wear patterns a bit more and some unusual colours (for me) such as green. I bought a green dress and the pic of me on Instagram was a big hit.
Thanks Stefania, your advice has been super valuable!
— S. Kaye

I had the opportunity to have Stefania’s help for my wedding dress. What to say... simply amazing.
She helped me not just to find the perfect style for my body shape but also to find a talented wedding dressmaker.
With Stefania’s skills, opinions and experience made my search for the wedding dress easy and fun with a result that went beyond my expectations.
I don’t know how I would have done with out her help.
She is very patient, attentive to details and very easy going, she definitely knows what she is talking about.
— B. Capaldo

Stefania has been incredible, thank you so much for ensuring that I can walk into any interview or presentation worrying only about the content of what I’m presenting, not my what I look like!
— A. Williams

Stefania might have some kind of secret super power to make people beautiful. She chose two wedding dresses for me to try on, and both were a perfect fit. I’ve literally never felt more beautiful. Stefania’s friendliness, professionalism, and attention to detail completed the experience. Thank you so much Stefania :)
— L. Matala

Stefania is great. She helped me to choose my wedding suit. Given the wide array of shops and brands that I had to choose from and the fact that I’m not at ease with shopping (I hardly ever do it) I really needed a professional advice.After collecting all the infos she needed about me and my wedding, Stefania preselected for me a couple of shops to start with, with different styles and price range (I didn’t even have a budget!) to help me get a clear idea of what we were dealing with. I feared it was the beginning of an odissy, but right at the second shop we visited, we did hit the spot! After a brief initial consultation I was wearing what would have become my suit. The shop had every everything I needed, but to save a bit of money Stefania took me to a different shoes store. It was a great idea as the result was excellent. Everyone at the wedding pointed out how great I looked. While this is the least standard for a bride, not every groom hears this about himself. Without Stefania I don’t really think a man who doesn’t even know his size would have achieved a result like that.
— L. Carli Maltinti

My friend and I went for a colour consultation with Stefania and had a really great morning together. There was no stress, just lots of good advice, kind suggestions, and alternative ideas from Stefania. She really took time to find out our styles and give good suggestions for going forward with what we have, rather than just going out and buying all new clothes. I’m so glad to know my colours now, thank you Stefania!
— K. Hasse

I recently met with Stefania to carry out the colour analysis. What a great session! She was so attentive, personable and patiently answered all my questions. Stefania also gave me tips on jewellery, make up and practical examples on how to match them to an outfit. I think the colour analysis in underestimated as it’s a true eye-opener. I feel more confident, informed and able to choose the right colours to enhance my features when I go shopping. Would definitely recommend it.
— M. Bontorin

I recently did the colour and styling session and the wardrobe detox with Stefania. What a life-changing experience! Stefania is very talented, professional, with a great sense of style and perceptive. She understood exactly what I needed, is caring and takes pride in doing a great job. I left her sessions feeling empowered, renewed and inspired. She also followed up with a secret Pin board full of style and colour suggestions. Cannot reccomend her highly enough
— G. Billi

Stefania really takes the time to understand and choose a style that suits you. She recently helped me find a style of wedding dress to suit my colour and body shape, navigating a world completely new to me. She provides her recommendation and guidance, whilst also allowing you to explore other options without overpowering you. Highly professional and super friendly! Would definitely recommend!
— D. Guilford Sharp

I did a wardrobe detox with Stefania. She was fantastic, gave me lots of great tips on styles, colours, shapes and brands. What I loved most was her honesty about what suits me and what to throw away. I now feel much more inspired when I open up my wardrobe in the morning and I think of Stefania’s advice everytime I go shopping!
— C. Mathieson

I have to admit I never thought I could have asked one day for a personal styling service! Yet my wedding was approaching and I had little time, no idea on where to go to look for my wedding suit nor a clue on what to look for! Besides, living abroad, I had no parents or friends to help me with the choice. Eventually I decided to ask for Stefania consultancy and it has been the best choice I could do! She found me the suit at the first strike, giving also general advice on how to accessorize and complete my look, following me in the whole process till the end. She has been extremely useful and helpful!
— B. Zaccone

Stefania came to visit me for a wardrobe detox. The whole experience from start to finish was conducted in a professional manner yet at the same time I had found Stefania personality warm and open. It was a liberating experience which may I add is a fabulous deal don’t think you can get better for the hours she had put in. Thank you Stefania, I am now equipped to shine in 2017.
— S. Brown

Stefania is a very sweet girl with great courage and experience! I am normally a bit dubious about style and colour advisers but I really did learn from her; she is not just so good but also she has the most incredible positive energy! I highly recommend her!
— A. Merrik

Stefania was like a magician. I sent her a photo and a few words about me and she imagined a whole wardrobe for me! She immediately understood what kind of style I was after, without the need for lenghtly explanations.What’s more, she had a real knack for finding what I was looking for within a seriously limited budget. Truly recommend it!
— V. Cartei

Stefania is incredible! Shopping with her was a pleasure full of good advices and inspirations. For me the most important thing is that now I know what shape I am and how to look and feel great with my body.
— J. Andrzejewska

Dear Stefania I had a great time and it was a real eye opener to have my colour analysis done. Thanks you for showing me the light! It will definitely inform my next shopping trip. It will encourage me to move away from the usual black, grey and navy!
— T. Read

My girlfriend convinced me to change my look in sight of some important job interviews. I used to wear basically t-shirts and jeans and I never took so much care about what i was wearing, but I reckon it was important to get a certain look for a professional environment. When my girlfriend first told me about One of a Style I was really skeptical but then I’ve had the chance to know Stefania and I changed my mind plus I learnt to choose clothes wisely (and I have indeed saved money and room). I highly recommend this service, it will surprise you how little changes make a big difference!
— M. Montera

I met Stefania at a jewellery photo shooting day. She was enthusiastic, full of energy with beautiful smile and obviously stylish herself :-) She perfectly paired pieces of jewellery that I liked with the outfits, matching make-up. We have had a fabulous day, thank you.
— A. Morkowska

Stefania helped me finding the right type of clothes for my body type. A few days after her consultation I went shopping and I chose a dress that followed her description of suitable dress for me. Now every time I wear it I feel very comfortable with myself, knowing that I look at my best. I will keep her suggestions at mind whenever I go shopping because it means that I buy the right clothes that I can actually wear. I recommend her to anyone really. Anyone would find her consultation extremely useful!
— L. Pacini

I recently had a Styling session and it far exceeded my expectations. I was really eager to hear which were my best colours as you have an idea but you never really know which colours suit you. Stefania came up with a good selection of colours and my make up was then carried out to perfection by Veronika Damiani. This was a really fun way to spend a day with some girlfriends and I would highly recommend.
— A. Birchell

Perfectly satisfied with wonderful suggestions I received.Fine perception of colours. Very good taste. I really recommend you to try it.
— J. Margaret Kidd

I asked One of a Style to help me finding suit and accessories for a wedding where I was the best man of the Bride. I don’t have a clue on how to dress for such occasions or where to go to get a good suit, nor have much time to look for it honestly, that is why I called Stefania. She helped also my girlfriend to find her dress for the occasion and in the end we had even a coordinated look! We’ were very happy and satisfied and, in the end, I’m sure it was money and time saving and absolutely stress-free!
— Francesco P

Stefania, I just wanted to Thank You Sincerely for helping me be as beautiful as I am. This has been a phenomenal experience and I can’t thank you enough for the time that you spent with me. It makes me happy to see me get compliments on my new look. When I see that little smile on people’s face it makes it all worth it. Know that what you do is not simply shopping, style advice etc. but you help people bring out the best in themselves and promote self-confidence!
Thank you so much :)
— A. Aka

Stefania, thank you so very much for your consultation. I found it super helpful and was even surprised in terms of what colours came up that I may not have considered before.
Stefania has good attention to detail. She spotted immediately that I have green in my eyes (as not everyone may pick up on this). I definitely recommend Stefania to my friends also.
— Manuela GR

Thank you very much for your advice, Stefania. I didn’t really think of green or purple with a bit of white to wear before , but I am keeping in my mind and those colours will appear in my wardrobe soon! 
— K. Ohara

I would like to thank all that clients who allowed me to publish their pictures and reviews on this page.