Personal shopper advice: Princess Diana – Jewellery trends inspired by the people's princess

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Princess Diana drove change, and inspired people with her out of the box thinking. And, she started fashion trends that were relatable and accessible to the public. Here, Sarah Buck from pre-owned watch and jewellery retailer Est1897 discusses the jewellery trends led by the princess, and how to wear them.

Princess Diana was an icon in many ways — for example, she did lots of charity work and inspired diverse thinking on a number of topics. But, as well as being loved for her positive impact on society, she was also known for starting trends, particularly with the jewellery she wore.

From her engagement ring that was picked from a catalogue, to her beloved statement chokers, her jewellery was typically unconventional for a princess of the time. But, that's why she was so good at sparking accessory trends, many of which are still around today. In this article, I'll be covering some of the key trends led by the princess, and explaining how you can incorporate these into your modern day looks.

Choose chunky jewellery
Diana commonly wore accessories that weren't expected of her, and her love for chunky jewellery mirrored this perfectly. One of the princess' most-loved pieces was a stunning chunky gold bangle that was versatile enough to be incorporated into her everyday looks, while being loud enough to make a statement when paired with her formal outfits.


But, it's not just wrist accessories that Diana wore in a chunky style. Her enlarged button-back earrings were a hallmark of 80s style and have been revived by those looking for investment pieces.

So, if you're looking to be inspired by the People's Princess' jewellery collection, look for oversized styles that will add a touch of personality to your outfits. This could include large birthstone rings or statement earrings. If you're looking for a unique and high-quality quality jewellery, I would suggest buying from pre-owned retailers, as they seldom have more than one of each product in stock, meaning you'll have a special piece. Or why not see what pieces have a special meaning in your family, such as the bold rings below – one of which was my Mother’s, which brings lovely memories to me each time I wear it.


With chunky jewellery driving accessory trends for Autumn 2019, as reported by VOGUE, you won't struggle to find the perfect pieces to satisfy this trend.

Pick the princess' pearls
Pearls were a signature part of Princess Diana's jewellery collection, making them popular among the public at the time. But, while pearls may typically have been considered old-fashioned, 2019 has brought them back in a big way, meaning you can now add a touch of royalty to your looks very easily.

One of Diana's most iconic pieces was the pearl choker she received as an 18th birthday gift and, during her lifetime, she was spotted with pearl bracelets and earrings, too. But, there are no rules when it comes to merging the princess' style with your own.

Instead of going with simple and classic pearl accessories, you could try picking pieces that combine both modern and traditional influences, like rings or earrings that are decorated with both pearls and other gemstones for an updated take on the princess' style. Look at the set I am wearing in this picture - by vb jewellery design ( - realised with a mix of pearls, silk threads and’s modern, original and classy at the same time. It’s a real statement!


Incorporate precious gemstones
It wasn't all diamonds and pearls for the princess. Diana loved getting inventive with her existing pieces, which she tended to repurpose to make completely unique accessories to suit her style. And, this was especially prominent in the chokers she wore, which were usually made from a mixture of elements including diamonds and pearls, as well as coloured gemstones like sapphires and emeralds.

The princess loved to make a statement, and her collection included plenty of gemstones, which are still widely loved today. For example, her dazzling aquamarine ring completed Meghan Markle's second wedding outfit and added the perfect statement style to an otherwise classic look. Similarly, her sapphire engagement ring sparked controversy as it was chosen from a catalogue, but it is now arguably the most famous sapphire ring in the world.

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To get the look, opt for oversized gemstone pieces that will get heads turning. This could include sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones.

Princess Diana was a fashion icon, and many of the jewellery trends she inspired live on with her legacy. Incorporate a touch of luxury timelessness into your jewellery collection with my top three tips — you'll soon have a collection fit for a royal!


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