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Probably you have asked yourself the same question many times! Image consultant Stefania wants to share 3 top tips with you through this brief video, to help you leading a successful performance also thanks to your image. 

If you need some specific styling tips for yourself contact Stefania at and ask her help to impress.


For mother's day Stefania is going to do a colour analysis to a mother and her two daughters! What a nice gift they choose to celebrate! Is nice to see daughters willing to make their mother feeling special.. how did you celebrate your mother's day instead? 


Stefania is ready to go to the second appointment with a bride to be for the research of her wedding dress, through her exclusive bridal personal styling service, and wishes her public a splendid Good Morning!


"the best colour in the world is the colour that looks good on you" C.Chanel

Yesterday, Thursday the 12th, there have been a workshop organized by Stefania Bartolomei, about the colour as powerful styling tool!

Of all the styling tools, colour is maybe the most underestimated, yet it has the great power to affect not only our look but also our mood.

As the right colour can, in fact, confer us a healthy look, enhancing our features, making our eyes shine bright and our skin looks like porcelain, so the wrong colour can wash us out, highlighting the eye circles and the skin flaws. We perceive the effects that colours have on us, but most of the time we are not aware of it and we think that the causes of our look, whether it is good or not, are entirely of physical and mental status nature.

Being conscious of what our best colours are can really have an effect on our attitude. as I always say : when you look good, you feel good! And when you feel good, you have more self confidence, so you can be successful and get what you are aiming to, that in the social life as well as in business.

Let's go deeper now into the technical side of the workshop and its subject.

As you probably know, one of the services that Stefania offers to her clients is the colour analysis; the seasonal color analysis (to be precise) is a scientific way to determine's people best colours. 

As in nature, the seasonal colour analysis is based on the 4 seasons : spring, summer, autumn and winter.

These seasons recall the colours that we can find in nature, from spring, with its bright, powerful and warm colours , that become softer and lighter in summer, to autumn, with everything getting warmer and deeper, to the winter, with its crispy and sharp colours and its high contrasts. 

The colour drapes, used for the colour analysis, recall the properties of the seasons in nature, reproducing the same general characteristics. 

The same characteristics can then be found in our own features. So, generally speaking, people with light soft coloring would most likely belong to summer, while people with dark colours and high contrasts in their features would most likely belong to winter.

But it is not easy to recognize all this values in ourselves and there can be also exceptions. So it must be clear that this are general rules and that the only way to build up our palette of best colours, in the end, is to have a professional colour analysis.

During the workshop Stefania shown the effect of the colours on our features, whether they are good or wrong, explaining how to recognize our features through 3 values:

  • temperature (warm vs cold)
  • brightness (soft vs bright)
  • light (light vs dark) 

giving eventually practical examples on how to make the most of our colours through the use not only of clothes but also of accessories, make-up and hair colour choices. 

At the end of She also did a funny "celebrity game", where people were called to guess the properties, and so the season, of some star, among which Lucy-Liu, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts and so on... this was lot of fun! 

The workshop has been a great success! The atmosphere was cozy and nice and seen the great enthusiasm shown by the public Stefania will surely plan another one very soon! 

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about the subject and discover what is your season and what are your best colours book your session with Stefania writing at 

Special thanks go to : Veronika Damiani for the make-up of the models; Laura & Kim for being my models.


You know, with your existing wardrobe you can create different combinations and build good and appropriate outfits for the various occasions and environments of your life (business, leisure or formal) , just by changing the accessories or the way to mix your clothes up. 

Learning how to mix your existing items is the key to build an efficient wardrobe! That means save money and time, cause you will get less items but more efficient and versatile and you won't need to go for shopping every time an important occasion will knock your door! Isn't it a smart solution?  

This is not an easy task anyway. That is why you should ask for a personal stylist help! Organize your wardrobe is the first important step to rebuild your image and change your attitude to dress and shop.

Here are some examples.  Assuming these are some stuffs from your wardrobe :

See how you can combine them and get different results : 


a business outfit

a business outfit

a casual outfit

a casual outfit

just replacing some elements of your total look, in this case trousers, outwear and accessories,  your image and therefore your message to the outside world completely changes! 

a casual outfit

a casual outfit

a formal outfit

a formal outfit

and again :

business outfit

business outfit


3 casual look proposals for 20s, 40s and 60s men

3 casual look proposals for 20s, 40s and 60s men

3 casual look proposals for 20s, 40s and 60s ladies

3 casual look proposals for 20s, 40s and 60s ladies

Do you know how to build your perfect  look respecting the "rules" of your age?

Whether you are a lady or a man this is not an easy task! We are surrounded by lots of proposals and shops and it is not always easy to individuate the right product for us nor to understand our needs and changes in accordance to our growth, whether it is in our career or in our age.

We must always keep in mind that we give a clear message through our image to the outside world and it is crucial to find the proper "language" to express it properly; and it is not just a matter of colors and shapes.. so let a personal stylist help you find your own!