Whether or not it seems fair, studies have proved that more groomed and presentable individuals are offered more opportunities, and become more successful in the workplace. Your look can, indeed, affect your performance!

If you are trying to get a promotion, find a new job, or if you run your own business and want to engage with more clients, a styling session with me can definitely help! After the consultation you’ll feel more confident and ready to achieve your professional goals!

How it works :

As your personal stylist, I’ll start analysing your colouring, body shape, corporate lifestyle and work environment, reviewing your wardrobe and creating a perfect capsule for work. During the session I’ll give you new shopping tips in order to complete your outfits to perfection.

Included in the service, a secret Pinterest board, where photos of your outfits will be saved, together with additional styling and shopping tips.

At the end of the session you’ll feel more confident and ready for greater success!

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NEW! It is now possible to have my styling support for a business photo shoot or video!

Whether you are setting up your own business, or thinking of more exposure for yourself through new photos or videos, be sure to have a talking professional image, that gives the right message and represents both you and your business for the best.

Read about my case studies: trasformation in minutes - Arantxa ; trasformations in minutes - Wendy ; trasformations in minutes - Alison

Stefania has been incredible, thank you so much for ensuring that I can walk into any interview or presentation worrying only about the content of what I’m presenting, not my what I look like!
— A. Williams