As a lover of fashion myself, I often find myself scrolling through the looks on red carpet events, and none inspire me more than the Academy Awards. It gives us access to see styles which are future trends, as well as designers we may not have heard of, shine and show their creative flair.

If you are reading this thinking “how can the clothes actors wear inspire me?” then you’re in the perfect place! You may not be attending a red carpet event in the near future, but you may be attending a formal event, or an event in which dressing up is a part of the pleasure of attending. You may also simply love seeing what fashion trends may be taking storm in the year ahead, and how you can put these trends into your day to day wardrobe.

The biggest trend I spotted was the use of pink.

Here are some perfect ways I spotted the use of pink being used at the Academy Awards, to help inspire you.

Pink and pink all over – a fashion faux par no more.

The stunning one shoulder dress, by Ellie Saab on Julia Roberts, was stunning in this one shoulder dress with high split, and it truly made her shine. She paired the pink dress with pink shoes, showcasing a trend of using one colour throughout an outfit. As a colour analyst, I can say that this isn’t the perfect pink for her Autumn skintone, however, it does showcase her femininity and she is obviously having great fun in it! With colour analysis, it is merely a guide, however, if you find a dress that makes you this happy, then go for it and wear it!

If you’re considering going for a head to toe look in one colour, take a page from Julia’s book and start simple, with the dress and the shoes. If you’re feeling bold, then perhaps consider a bright suit and shoes in the same colour for a truly strong look.

Pink suit ideas

You can offset the all over pink look, by adding a splash of red, to coincide with the ongoing trend of red and pink together – which can look outstanding. I even thought Julia was doing this with the envelope in her hand, as it went so well with the pink!

Find different layers of pink

Helen Mirren was having so much fun in this ethereal dress, which was a custom Schiaparelli Haute Couture, and you can see how elegant the piece is when you look at all the different pinks used in the garment. The dress was perfect for her figure, and with the ¾ length arms, it’s great for a late evening event, or if you are conscious of having bare arms. With this sort of dress, mind you, make sure you have skin tone lingerie, as it was a little see-through!

I also recommend looking at her make-up in this outfit, the pinks in her dress and highlighted in her cheeks and her lipstick – a perfect way to utilise the pink shade. 

Nearly nude

With the use of the right pink shade on some of us, we can have a garment that is almost nude in colour. This looked beautiful on Marie Kondo, who’s Jenny Packham dress was almost exactly the same shade as her skin. The shape and delicate flowers on the dress are perfect for her shape, as she is given an illusion of a more dramatic waistline – great for those of us with a slightly straight frame.

nearly nude pink dress

True pink ruffles

This dress by Valentino, worn by Gemma Chan, may take some serious fashionistas to make it work, however, I had to share it as it’s such a fun and “true” pink colour, and any dress with pockets is a serious win for me. It does showcase the ruffles and high neck trends in fashion, and if you were to choose perhaps a more toned-down option, ruffles can help to boost confidence in areas you may feel a little self-conscious about, or to add another dimension to your outfit.

This colour is best for those of us with a cooler undertone, and perhaps go for even stronger if you really want to pop!  

Wedding dress chique!

This baby pink number by Giambattista Valli on Kacey Musgrave is all about the shapes! I love how the use of the fabric helps to create a floaty, almost wedding-dress style. The addition of the diamond bow helps to create an empire line on the body, drawing in the waist amongst the layers of fabric on her shoulders and the bottom of the dress. This may feel a difficult style to pull off, but it can be a truly beautiful hit. If you are looking to “rock” it up, then add a leather accessory, or boots. If you’re heading to a more formal event and this style is making you swoon, then perhaps considering minimal accessories, so the dress really can take the show. Baby pinks are a tricky colour to pull off, and can have certain style connotations for some of my clients – such as too young, or too girly – but for those of you with the right tone, you can truly shine in this colour. Consider using an accessory to dip your toe in the baby pink shade.

Pink accessories

Whether you’re going all out and thinking of investing in a beautiful pink gown for an upcoming formal event, or considering adding a pop of pink with an accessory or two, you may want to look into the beautiful range of shades of pink that are out there, and treat yourself to this year’s trend-setting colour! I’d love to hear which of the looks you most liked at the Academy Awards, or if you have any questions about choosing the right pink, in the comments below.