It’s the month of love, and with that, the colour that most springs to my mind is of course red. Which scarlet colour most suits our beautiful skintones? What a question, and one I’d love to help you with! Colours can work beautifully on one person and drain another, and it’s all down to our tones of our skin. When you pick a red to suit you, if you want it to compliment you the most, then you can look into your own skin complexion.


If you are a lover of the emerging fashion trends, then you will have seen that SS19 will be bringing deep reds with more brown undertones, nearing auburn. This is excellent news for those of you falling into the Autumn colouring on the colour wheel (those of us with a warm skin tone, with red, auburn, dark brown, or black hair, and freckles if you are pale). However, which reds can suit those of us with different skin tones?

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If you are cool-skin toned and naturally ash-blonde, you will probably be in the Summer category, and you are most likely to suit a softer red shade, opting for pastels with a blue undertone, you may suit a more demure look using a navy blue item and dashing red with your accessories. A perfect hit of colour blocking!

For those of you with cool skin tones and darker hair, you will most likely be a Winter. You can go all out with scarlet! Deep colours suit your skin tone beautifully, and will help your colouring to pop. Consider scarlet red or fuscia pink, and steer clear of the more brick-red colours.

Warmer skin tones with golden blonde hair are what we call “spring” and you can utilise this year’s colour of the year “coral”, as well as brick red and salmon pinks. Keep away from icy pastels and deeper tones as these could drain your colouring.

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This can feel somewhat overwhelming when considering which of the seasons we can fall into, does it change seasonally, or if we change our hair colour? The real truth here is, although there are certain colours which will ultimately make your skin tone pop, and truly make the perfect impact to your confidence and how brightly you shine, these are just guidelines to helping you find the perfect match. I believe that with this help, you can find the key items that you will fall in love with, but you can go out there and find an item that you adore that may not fall into this “perfect” colour range, if you love it, go for it and rock it.

If you would like a little help in finding the colours which are the go-to colours for your skintone, I’d love to speak with you. I’m offering a very special Valentine’s month offer – if you buy a gift voucher for your loved one (whether it’s a personal shopping trip or a wardrobe edit) by 28th February, they will have a complementary colour analysis – so they can go out there and easily select the perfect pieces from the high street with confidence that they will glow. PS – if you’re reading this and want it all for yourself, why not leave a gentle hint with your partner by sharing the link to this blog 😉.