You may have heard the term “Capsule Wardrobe” and thought that it was an unachievable minimalist idea, with only a handful of people that can keep to the same options whilst mixing up the styling? Well, what if I told you, having this type of capsule wardrobe (or multiple capsules you rotate, for those of us who love to pick new items each season), can save you time, stress and hassle in the morning, which is something I treasure now I am a working Mum!

If you are going back to work, then now is a great time to start working on a capsule wardrobe for your day to day workwear. As you will have seen in a previous blog, a blazer is my go to item which can work hard to upgrade any outfit, so I advise having a few of these for you to easily be drawn to in the morning. I find that for the most important work meetings, brands such as Distinctively Me Clothing are a perfect brand, as they create made-to-measure pieces that work to suit your unique body.

How to save yourself time in the morning: Plan Ahead

As a personal stylist what I'd suggest to do is to divide your wardrobe in different sections (workwear/leisure/eveningwear) and then take photos of the different outfits, starting with the clothes for work, creating all the possible combinations – this can be a great fun exercise to do, as you’ll be surprised by the amount of combinations you can have! Photos can be archived in a folder or on Pinterest, as having them saved in a place with easy access can really make life easier when deciding what to wear, in the morning rush. It may feel like this can take a lot of time in the beginning, but the great thing is all the time you save each morning wondering what to wear, stressing about the outfit combination for the day.

During this process I also suggest you identify the so-called cross over pieces (those pieces with a multi-function, that can be worn on more occasions), that can be considered for "multi packs" purchases, maybe in different colours. This really helps to make both shopping and wardrobe organisation easier.


I, for instance, buy all my basic t-shirt from INTIMISSIMI. I have exactly the same style in different colours. I feel comfortable, they fit me well, they last ages, so there's no point for me to waste time going around in search for other basic t-shirts now I have my perfect staple tee. Then I change the different combinations to make my outfits different every day. I apply the same process with my jeans - mine are all from the same brand, LIU-JO, but in different styles and colours. Once you find a brand or brands that fit you perfectly, I always suggest visiting these shops throughout the seasons to find and invest in the key pieces you need for your outfits, as you know straight away that their fit is perfect for your body type.

Keep it seasonal

One of the best ways to keep your wardrobe out of the stress and into the more organised and inviting world, is to seasonally organise your clothes. As Summer comes along, I have put all of my thick woollen clothes, and heavy jackets in vacuum pack bags and put them away, to help keep me focused on the clothes that are more weather appropriate (of course, I keep a few of my favourite jumpers in the wardrobe, as in London, we will always have some rain!). When we head into Autumn, my Spring and Summer wear will all have the same treatment, as I repopulate my wardrobe with warmer items. This is a great time to take stock and remove any pieces which you didn’t wear, didn’t love, or just don’t fit any more. Being a new Mum, I have come to realise that my body will change thanks to the wonder of having my child, so there is no need to keep old clothes which don’t fit me, and which don’t make me feel confident, strong, empowered, and a little sexy!

Don’t forget your accessories

You may feel that having a wardrobe with less clothes, means less options for your workwear outfits, but accessories make a huge difference to an outfit. Invest in some key pieces of jewellery, scarves, bags, and wonderful shoes that work with your workwear, to help keep a freshness to your wardrobe. You can also use things like mismatching blazer and bottom sets, co-ords, and even use a dress as a shirt where you feel comfortable!


If, like me, you are lucky enough to have an amazing nursery, then dropping of my child there means I can have a smaller bag than I need on days out with him, however, if you take your child to work with you, a big backpack or a couple of bags for work and for childcare can be an effective solution!

Most of all, when it comes to creating any outfits, you need to stay true to yourself. If you feel empowered and comfortable whilst wearing a 2 piece suit, or feel fantastic in a dress, work your workwear wardrobe around what you feel best in – your mornings are busy enough as it is, so I hope these tips help you create a capsule wardrobe and save time in the mornings as you get back into the swing of going to work, and if you’d love to have some extra help, I offer a selection of services, including my Mumhood Styling, as well as my Wardrobe Detox service which will take the stress away from your morning dressing routine.

The images in this article were kindly shared with me by the wonderful clothing brand Distinctively Me who specialise in creating made-to-measure workwear for women.