Transformations in minutes – Business Photoshoot Case Studies – Alison Graham

In this series, I wanted to showcase the amazing women I recently worked with in a mini-styling and photoshoot session I co-hosted with a photographer in London, Cemanthe McKenzie. We worked together to help women in business use styling, colour analysis, and professional headshots for their companies.

Today I am sharing how I helped Personal Trainer for women over 40, Alison Graham. During a consultation prior to the headshot session, we communicated about what she wanted to evoke through her business headshots. She said she wanted to give a message of approachability, professionalism, expertise, and that she was personable. She mentioned she liked wearing pink, and that it was even on her logo, and being able to use this in her photo would be helpful to keep the branding in line.

What I suggested:

Prior to the session, I had a look through each of the women’s business websites, and shared suggestions for their upcoming photoshoot and make-up session, for Alison I suggest wearing something Magenta - not too bright nor too baby pink – this was taken from her logo. Pink in general is a very feminine colour and as she  works with women, it was a great colour to help her promote this part of her business in a gentle way. It also is a colour that evokes harmony and emotional balance, it is a spiritual but also practical colour, which is in line with her business too!

 As she is a personal trainer, we were conscious of being able to show a professional look, but that she is providing a personal training solution – I suggested a magenta blouse to help create this look for her business photo.

Before and After

Before and After

When you run your own business, you want to be able to be seen in the light that works best for your clientele, whether it’s a relaxed and inviting energy, or a professional and educated feeling, the styling of your business photos can make a huge difference to the overall look. I loved being able to help Alison during this mini-corporate styling session and love the look of her final photo, what do you think?