Transformations in minutes – Business Photoshoot Case Studies – Arantxa De Dios

In this series, I wanted to showcase the amazing women I recently worked with in a mini-styling and photoshoot session I co-hosted with a photographer in London. We worked together to help women in business use styling, colours, and professional headshots for their companies.

Today I am sharing the wonderful Arantxa De Dios, she is a hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, who likes to wear smart/casual clothes for work.  Within the catch-up session, I found out that she wanted to give an approachable, professional, warm, empathetic and inspirational feel when she meets people. She found she was mostly drawn to black clothes, but was open to colours that would suit her.

What I suggested:


Prior to the session, I had a look through each of the women’s business websites, and shared suggestions for their upcoming photoshoot and colour analysis session, for Arantxa I suggested wearing something turquoise or emerald green, as she was making a great use of these colours on her website and logo too, this showed to me that she tended to pick them by instinct. Also, they are bright colours that reflect the optimism she wished to evoke in people. 


It is also a half-way between blue - that evokes calm, trust and also suggests loyalty and integrity, and makes people who wear it look approachable; and green - a colour that symbolises harmony, stability, confidence and evokes safety - a winning mix for what she does!


Moreover, I could see that it would really enhance her eye colour, and help them to stand out in the photos.


Depending on the style of her existing items, I suggested to add a necklace or a small foulard, in order to keep her smart-casual but stylish and professional look.

Arantxa Before and After.png


We also took her a photo in an outfit that was far too casual and also strong, and would have "scared" her patients, even if she looks good in it. I wanted to highlight how the choice of our clothes is really important.


When you run your own business, you want to be able to be seen in the light that works best for your clientele, whether it’s a relaxed and inviting energy, or a professional and educated feeling, the styling of your business photos can make a huge difference to the overall look. I loved being able to help Arantxa during this mini-corporate styling session and love the look of her final photo, what do you think?