When you find that perfect pair, you just don’t want to ever take them off. You go out and buy them in every colour, and you keep them until they simply can’t be worn again. You got it, it’s jeans. But can they be more than just a casual wardrobe essential, they can be a fantastic crossover piece to take you from leisure to business.

Quietly laughing from behind your screen? Let me share with you some stylist tips that might change your mind, and enable you to wear those jeans in new ways!  

It’s all about the material

Jeans can have an array of different levels of lycra and cotton to make them less or more stiff. Now, if you are simply looking for comfortable lounge around jeans, then ones with higher lycra can be perfect, however, for the office, a higher cotton content or denim content will help to create a sturdier jean, enabling your jeans to not only look more high end, but also last longer.

If you are just getting used to the transition to stiffer jeans, make sure to wear them a few times before taking them to the office, particularly if you are using high-waisted jeans, that may get uncomfortable if you sit at a desk for a long time.

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Jeans come in a huge amount of colours, and these can make a big difference to not only on how they look on certain body types, but also how appropriate they are for the office. A deeper colour can definitely bring about a more corporate style to them, with a dark wash or even black jeans being my personal go-to for meetings. If you have a more relaxed work environment, then you can go lighter, but I do advise if you wish to wear your jeans at the office, then don’t go to light wash jeans, they are perfect for more casual outfits.

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The shoes can make a big difference

A perfect pair of shoes can make a huge difference to how your jeans look with your outfit. If you have a beautiful pair of white trainers, a stiletto heel, laced up men’s shoes, or a classic brogue, your jeans can be elevated to work perfectly from work to socialising!

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Add a suit jacket or blazer

Adding a suit jacket or blazer can work wonders for a pair of denim jeans, and it can truly upgrade an outfit to more suitable for the office. If your office is more casual, but you have meetings to attend, keeping a selection of jackets at the office can be an excellent pre-curser for the need to make your outfit more suitable for business appropriate.

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I hope some of these options have inspired you to potentially take your favourite pair of jeans to the office, and if you are looking for more tips on how to style yourself appropriately for a promotion, or new job role, I’d love to help with my corporate styling service.  Many offices nowadays have less of an imposed formal attire requirement for employees, so keep an eye open for what others are wearing around the office and pull this as inspiration if you are worried about what is appropriate for the office.